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FNB Visa® Debit Card 

  • Activation/PIN Change 833-571-5856
  • PIN Change Only 888-891-2435
  • Lost/Stolen Card 888-297-3416
  • Turn your card ON/OFF through your FNB digital account

FNB Rewards Visa® Credit Card

  • Activation/PIN Change 800-290-7893
  • PIN Change Only  888-891-2435
  • Lost/Stolen Card 800-854-1557
  • Turn your card ON/OFF through your FNB digital account

Prepaid Visa® Gift/Travel Card

  • Customer Service 866-261-7741
  • Lost/Stolen Card 866-496-6183


Branch Numbers

(218) 583-2933

Battle Lake
(218) 864-5275

(218) 367-2735

(218) 948-2259

Detroit Lakes
(218) 847-3041

Toll-Free Number
(866) 531-5253


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