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Forgot your wallet? No problem. Turn your phone into your card with our mobile payment solutions.

What's the Big Deal with Mobile Wallet, and Why Should I Use It?

  • A mobile wallet is more secure than the magnetic strip as a one-time code is sent for authorization, similar to the chip
  • Faster authorization time than the chip in your cards
  • Your card is loaded into the wallet, but then also has a passcode or other security feature (Fingerprint, iris match, etc.) to unlock
  • No chance of forgetting your card in the machine, just tap your phone and you’re set!
  • No looking for your card! Once it’s in your mobile wallet, you just select which card to use and off you go!
  • Online purchases are also secured with the one-time code, your credit/debit card numbers are not being sent out to the online merchants
  • The chip is still a great tool for our customers! But not every merchant is set up for using them and chips offer no protection for online payments.

Which Wallets Can I Use?

  • Google Pay® – can be used on Android or Apple devices
  • Samsung Pay® – only available for Samsung phones/devices
  • Apple Pay® – only for Apple phones/devices

Where Can I Use a Mobile Wallet?

  • Anywhere that accepts mobile payments! You should see the icon or “accepts mobile payments” at the terminal.
  • Depending on your phone, you may be able to use the mobile wallet at card terminals that are NOT enabled for chip, small retailers around here is pretty common.
  • You can also use them online on your mobile device, just select “checkout with Google Pay” (or the others)!

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